Strategic Leadership Development

Empowering The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Leadership in business and for businesses is becoming the competitive edge for companies and organizations. The human resource talent of today is keenly aware of the companies in the marketplace today. With the proliferation of information, companies within an industry are often commoditized. Yet, there are companies that distinguish themselves as leaders. These are companies that know their value and share that value with their team through effective leadership.

Effective leadership builds a culture that creates a sustainable competitive edge. Effective leadership is inclusive and empowering for a highly functioning team. At JNX Partners, we work with your company to identify and develop leadership skills.

“Managers will DIRECT others to make the Company WORK. However, Leaders will EMPOWER others to make the Company WORK BETTER. “ – Judy Swanier

Change Happens Today

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a requirement or INTENT of most companies and organizations today. However, many well intended companies have fallen short of their goals and most important the benefits of DEI. Is DEI about doing the right thing? Or is DEI about doing the profitable thing? It is about BOTH.

Understanding and developing an effective and sustainable DEI Program is about identifying the goals and IMPACT (talent acquisition / profitability/ market share) of your DEI Program.

DEI Programs are as unique and diverse as companies and cultures are. JNX Partners can help you identify your company goals and develop a strategic DEI Program to meet these goals.

“If You Want to Go Fast Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far Go Together” – African Proverb

We Focus On Growth

Employee Engagement and Development

The compensation package is one of the most significant costs for businesses today. However, as the battle for talent becomes more aggressive, the question is how do we HIRE, RETAIN and DEVELOP the talent within our organization?

Compensation extends beyond the salary. Compensation requires that as employers we understand our employees WHY. As employers, we must work to understand and meet the needs of the WHY for our employees. If we do not meet our employees WHY, another competitor will.

Let JNX Partners work with your company to answer this WHY, and to hire, retain, and develop your top talent.

“To win in the Marketplace you must first win in the Workplace.” -Doug Conant