Corey Gibson|Office/IT Manager

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Corey Gibson – Office Manager/IT Support

Corey Gibson is the Technical Analyst and Office Manager at JNX Partners. With numerous years of professional experience as a Website Designer/Developer, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the efficiency, performance and presentation of JNX Partners. In addition to the on-going technical and administrative support, Corey provides to the key members and the support members for the Office Team. JNX Partners is able to deliver quality service to our Clients and Candidate. Corey technical backgrounds lean strongly to process and procedures; therefore, he is a key factor in generating, motivating and maintaining a culture of quality process and procedure.

Working in the IT field, Corey knows that success is a process that one commits to everyday. He feels that every piece of the process, when executed correctly, ensures the greatest probability for repeat success. When we, JNX Partners, are efficient as a synergistic team, we are able to bring the highest quality of the 24-Step Search and Recruit Process to our Clients and Candidate.

Corey is passionate about quality and process improvement, as result, JNX Partners is able to deliver the best process to those we work with. Given Corey’s experience and strong technical background he could work anywhere. Therefore, why does he choose to work at JNX Partners? Corey states the culture and goals of JNX Partners are in line with the values and the goals he is personally and professional committed to

Contact Information:

Office: 770.982.0043  x212