How to identify the “best” Career Opportunities

We talk to candidates everyday regarding the reasons why they are at a current job, and/or preparing for a possible downsizing at their company.

This current economy has “pushed” many into this job market, not by choice.  However, regardless how you have gotten to the place of looking for the next job, you are here now!  So find a few good friends, vent for a weekend and let’s get busy about moving forward!!!

Despite what you may read and hear in the news, there are jobs out here. Finding them may be a challenging, but the victory will go to the most persistent  I do not advocate taking any job.  However, you are ALWAYS more “attractive” to companies when you are employed as to unemployed. Therefore, thinking long and hard before leaving a job. For many who may be reading this, leaving the job was not their choice. This is not direct to you.

The word “best” is relative. Meaning, your best today may be different than your best tomorrow. The best career opportunity today, may be different than the “best” career opportunity 10-15months from now.

The best way to prepare yourself for the “job market turnaround” is to give 110% today.  Stay in your field (industry) and work job opportunities that you find. True, the salary may not be what it was 3-5years ago; but if it is fair, based upon the responsibilities of the job, it is worth a consideration.

Here’s the key………………. you get to “best” by doing “better”. You get to “better” by “doing”. Yes, keep doing and working the process everyday and not just talking and complaining about what you don’t have and how unfair your situation may be.  Let’s keep moving and doing!

The job market is changing and the “best career” opportunities will go to those individual who have taken a bad and sometimes unfair situation and found a way to make it better!!

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