Security or Sanity

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I was speaking with a friend yesterday who is frustrated with her employer. As a result, she is not being as productive as she knows she can be. She has simply given up on going the extra mile whereas before she was a dedicated team player and work-a-holic. And to make matters even worse, she does not necessarily like her position or the fact that she travels a lot but really likes her six figure income.

Due to the tough economic times she is scared to leave the company for fear that she will not find another position that pays as well. But the dissatisfaction with her job is really radiating throughout her entire life.

My Advice:
Soon, an employer is going to notice that you are not being productive and may let you go. If you are going to stay with an employer you don’t like just for security then you better suck it up and produce because there are too many people right now who are all too ready to take your place. And you never ever want to burn bridges, that employer could be a reference down the road.

And just because you are employed does not mean you can’t keep your options open. Go ahead and network and get your name and resume out there, search the job boards to see who is hiring. That way you can keep your current income but still actively look for other opportunities. If you are too busy then connect with a recruiter and let them do the leg work for you.

I highly value sanity so if the position gets to be too much to handle I would recommend moving on now. But security is also very important so if you can hang in there a bit longer until you find something else that would be good too because you always look more attractive to a potential employer when you are currently employed.

What would you suggest?

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