How do I find my next Job? Get FOCUSED!

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In this “still challenging” job market, how does a quality candidate find their next job? Finding a job, and keeping a job are a working process.

Finding a job is not a “one-size” fits all. What I mean is the resume you did 5-years ago or even earlier this year will required continued work and improvement.

If your objective is to use one ”generic” resume and send it out to every job posting, your response will be little to none at best.

You want to carefully review your work experience and educational background; be sure you have a “focused” story that will bring value to the employer and the position you are applying for.

It sounds very simple, but the basics apply. Your results will be in direct proportion to the work you put into the process.

The job market has become very specialized, therefore, to attract the attention of the hiring manager, you must directly address the requirements of the position.

All the best in finding your next job!

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