Is Location the strongest factor in Job Selection?

Wow! It’s May! The beginning of the month always provides me a “clean sheet” to focus and goal plan. We are close to the “mid-point” in the year. This provides us a good opportunity to see how far we have come and how far we need to go, regarding strategy for our career.

The normal tendency is to post your resume of every job board and wait for the calls and emails to start flooding in. That could happen. But, even if it did, do you know what your next career opportunity should look like and the value you can bring to your next organization?

The common phase that you have heard is that the best time to look for a job is when you do not need a job. That’s probably obvious, by the statement itself. The best time to “identify” what your next job should be is when you are clear on what types of work environments are you most successful in and those work situations where you find yourself contributing and achieving.

I’m finding, and probably so are you that money is a factor, but top nearly as close to the top when considering a job opportunity, as one might think. If you are a strong “A Player”, the money is going to be fair, because employers know you going to get placed.  The question is where and hopefully with them. The strongest factor I’m seeing is “location” which is a very broad and comprehensive factor.

Location takes in consideration, my commute to work and/or my ability to work from home. Location will effect what schools are available for my children and other activities and resources available to enhance my children total development (museums nature centers, sports, arts). Location will also effect the neighborhoods/homes that are available to me.

Quality of life is no longer a slogan, but a determining factor for most smart job seekers. Therefore, I suggest you you access for yourself what is necessary for you to have a  well balanced and quality life. When your quality of life is strong and balanced, your contributions in the workplace will be equally strong. This is a win-win for the employer and the employee.

So, before you start all of your resume postings on every job board, do an assessment of what your needs are and the contributions you will bring to an organization.  Your goal may have been to make a career move by the end of 2008; however, I’m certain you want to make a meaningful change if you will make a change at all. You are your best resource in assess what best for you!

This will be a great year for you!

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