Getting involved with your Recruiter = Success!

Over the next few weeks, myself and other consultants in the Office will share “real-time” updates of what we are seeing in the marketplace. The employment market is evolving. However, quality, talent and commitment are always in demand. Finding the right company, the right job, the right opportunity is a process.

Bottom-line, it’s work, hard work! Whether you choose to work with a recruiter or go it alone, finding the right job, is one of the hardest jobs you will take on. I realize I’m not telling any of you anything that you don’t already know and are currently experiencing. However, the more “involved” and engaged you are with your recruiter, the more “involved” your recruiter will be….. are you seeing the connection.

Involvement is “working” with your recruiter, not calling on a weekly or daily base to “check-in”. Are you asking the same question; What do you have for me? Involvement may involve re-working your resume, being clear on what are your career achievements, and understanding the value they may bring to a Company. You should document these achievements and suggesting some companies or industries which might be a good fit for your background and career growth.

At JNX Partners, we sincerely want YOU to be successful at your next career opportunity. We will work as hard as you will, probably much harder. We are committed to giving our very best everyday. Stay tune, we are just warming up and look forward to a great journey with you! Life is good! Let’s get involved and make this the best time of our lives for ourselves, our careers and our families!

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