When Preparation meets Determination

Setting yourself (Jobseeker) up for opportunities: When Preparation meets Determination

It is often said that true success is only available when you position yourself for opportunities. I was once told by a good friend of mine, that when you are all things to all people you are nothing. This simply implies that in order to be accounted to something we must focus our energy on one centralize thing. If I am looking for a job as a Web Developer, but I am applying for a position as a Medical Billing & Coding specialist, I have just set myself up to be overlooked. Same goes with applying for a Management job, knowing full well I only have skills for an entry-level position. You must be absolutely sure you are focus in your efforts for seeking a new career. Determination is a key to the overall success in business.

On the other-side of the coin, you as a job seeker need to be prepared on day one. This consists of making sure your resume is up to date, getting your contact information straight and also someway to help you sell yourself, etc. No matter if you are going through a recruiter or doing it yourself.. You should always have 5-10 key things about yourself that if presented with the chance you are able to sell yourself. There is a big misconception with dealing with recruiters that candidates/jobseekers seem to believe that they don’t have to “work” during the process. We see it all the time with candidates, and the thing that is troublesome the most is that they believe that they already have the job. This silver-spoon mentality is truly dangerous when doing business especially from a candidate/jobseeker point of view. There is a strategic process that must be followed to equal the level of success we wish for our candidates. Always be prepared and plan ahead. Simple rule of thumb: Planned for the best… Prepare for the worst.

When you have your preparation meet your determination, opportunities are provided. A lot of major business deals are dead now because these two things are left out. If you don’t have the will to move forward and you’re not prepared to move forward, your opportunities WILL pass you by.

Be determined and be prepared – you never know when the window of opportunity will be open for you or opportunity knocking at your door!

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