Security or Sanity

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I was speaking with a friend yesterday who is frustrated with her employer. As a result, she is not being as productive as she knows she can be. She has simply given up on going the extra mile whereas before she was a dedicated team player and work-a-holic. And to make matters even worse, she does not necessarily like her position or the fact that she travels a lot but really likes her six figure income.

Due to the tough economic times she is scared to leave the company for fear that she will not find another position that pays as well. But the dissatisfaction with her job is really radiating throughout her entire life.

My Advice:
Soon, an employer is going to notice that you are not being productive and may let you go. If you are going to stay with an employer you don’t like just for security then you better suck it up and produce because there are too many people right now who are all too ready to take your place. And you never ever want to burn bridges, that employer could be a reference down the road.

And just because you are employed does not mean you can’t keep your options open. Go ahead and network and get your name and resume out there, search the job boards to see who is hiring. That way you can keep your current income but still actively look for other opportunities. If you are too busy then connect with a recruiter and let them do the leg work for you.

I highly value sanity so if the position gets to be too much to handle I would recommend moving on now. But security is also very important so if you can hang in there a bit longer until you find something else that would be good too because you always look more attractive to a potential employer when you are currently employed.

What would you suggest?

How do I find my next Job? Get FOCUSED!

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In this “still challenging” job market, how does a quality candidate find their next job? Finding a job, and keeping a job are a working process.

Finding a job is not a “one-size” fits all. What I mean is the resume you did 5-years ago or even earlier this year will required continued work and improvement.

If your objective is to use one ”generic” resume and send it out to every job posting, your response will be little to none at best.

You want to carefully review your work experience and educational background; be sure you have a “focused” story that will bring value to the employer and the position you are applying for.

It sounds very simple, but the basics apply. Your results will be in direct proportion to the work you put into the process.

The job market has become very specialized, therefore, to attract the attention of the hiring manager, you must directly address the requirements of the position.

All the best in finding your next job!

How to identify the “best” Career Opportunities

We talk to candidates everyday regarding the reasons why they are at a current job, and/or preparing for a possible downsizing at their company.

This current economy has “pushed” many into this job market, not by choice.  However, regardless how you have gotten to the place of looking for the next job, you are here now!  So find a few good friends, vent for a weekend and let’s get busy about moving forward!!!

Despite what you may read and hear in the news, there are jobs out here. Finding them may be a challenging, but the victory will go to the most persistent  I do not advocate taking any job.  However, you are ALWAYS more “attractive” to companies when you are employed as to unemployed. Therefore, thinking long and hard before leaving a job. For many who may be reading this, leaving the job was not their choice. This is not direct to you.

The word “best” is relative. Meaning, your best today may be different than your best tomorrow. The best career opportunity today, may be different than the “best” career opportunity 10-15months from now.

The best way to prepare yourself for the “job market turnaround” is to give 110% today.  Stay in your field (industry) and work job opportunities that you find. True, the salary may not be what it was 3-5years ago; but if it is fair, based upon the responsibilities of the job, it is worth a consideration.

Here’s the key………………. you get to “best” by doing “better”. You get to “better” by “doing”. Yes, keep doing and working the process everyday and not just talking and complaining about what you don’t have and how unfair your situation may be.  Let’s keep moving and doing!

The job market is changing and the “best career” opportunities will go to those individual who have taken a bad and sometimes unfair situation and found a way to make it better!!

When Preparation meets Determination

Setting yourself (Jobseeker) up for opportunities: When Preparation meets Determination

It is often said that true success is only available when you position yourself for opportunities. I was once told by a good friend of mine, that when you are all things to all people you are nothing. This simply implies that in order to be accounted to something we must focus our energy on one centralize thing. If I am looking for a job as a Web Developer, but I am applying for a position as a Medical Billing & Coding specialist, I have just set myself up to be overlooked. Same goes with applying for a Management job, knowing full well I only have skills for an entry-level position. You must be absolutely sure you are focus in your efforts for seeking a new career. Determination is a key to the overall success in business.

On the other-side of the coin, you as a job seeker need to be prepared on day one. This consists of making sure your resume is up to date, getting your contact information straight and also someway to help you sell yourself, etc. No matter if you are going through a recruiter or doing it yourself.. You should always have 5-10 key things about yourself that if presented with the chance you are able to sell yourself. There is a big misconception with dealing with recruiters that candidates/jobseekers seem to believe that they don’t have to “work” during the process. We see it all the time with candidates, and the thing that is troublesome the most is that they believe that they already have the job. This silver-spoon mentality is truly dangerous when doing business especially from a candidate/jobseeker point of view. There is a strategic process that must be followed to equal the level of success we wish for our candidates. Always be prepared and plan ahead. Simple rule of thumb: Planned for the best… Prepare for the worst.

When you have your preparation meet your determination, opportunities are provided. A lot of major business deals are dead now because these two things are left out. If you don’t have the will to move forward and you’re not prepared to move forward, your opportunities WILL pass you by.

Be determined and be prepared – you never know when the window of opportunity will be open for you or opportunity knocking at your door!

Is Location the strongest factor in Job Selection?

Wow! It’s May! The beginning of the month always provides me a “clean sheet” to focus and goal plan. We are close to the “mid-point” in the year. This provides us a good opportunity to see how far we have come and how far we need to go, regarding strategy for our career.

The normal tendency is to post your resume of every job board and wait for the calls and emails to start flooding in. That could happen. But, even if it did, do you know what your next career opportunity should look like and the value you can bring to your next organization?

The common phase that you have heard is that the best time to look for a job is when you do not need a job. That’s probably obvious, by the statement itself. The best time to “identify” what your next job should be is when you are clear on what types of work environments are you most successful in and those work situations where you find yourself contributing and achieving.

I’m finding, and probably so are you that money is a factor, but top nearly as close to the top when considering a job opportunity, as one might think. If you are a strong “A Player”, the money is going to be fair, because employers know you going to get placed.  The question is where and hopefully with them. The strongest factor I’m seeing is “location” which is a very broad and comprehensive factor.

Location takes in consideration, my commute to work and/or my ability to work from home. Location will effect what schools are available for my children and other activities and resources available to enhance my children total development (museums nature centers, sports, arts). Location will also effect the neighborhoods/homes that are available to me.

Quality of life is no longer a slogan, but a determining factor for most smart job seekers. Therefore, I suggest you you access for yourself what is necessary for you to have a  well balanced and quality life. When your quality of life is strong and balanced, your contributions in the workplace will be equally strong. This is a win-win for the employer and the employee.

So, before you start all of your resume postings on every job board, do an assessment of what your needs are and the contributions you will bring to an organization.  Your goal may have been to make a career move by the end of 2008; however, I’m certain you want to make a meaningful change if you will make a change at all. You are your best resource in assess what best for you!

This will be a great year for you!