Judy Nixon Swanier
Managing Director

Judy Nixon Swanier (PMP) is the Founder and President of JNX Partners. The Firm is a management recruitment solutions leader. The practices within the Firm are various disciplines. They include: Healthcare, Information Technology and Engineering. With 20+years Management experience Judy has found SUCCESS, personal or professional is driven by PASSION, PURPOSE and PERFORMANCE. As a result, she continues to find that successful candidates and companies bring this level of commitment to everything they do. Identifying and working with "impact players" in todays market is a privilege she along with her colleagues take very seriously.

Judy has been a partner in establishing and building firms prior to the launch of her own firm. Her professional experiences have taught her first-hand the importance of quality relationships, the value of consultative client partnerships and the true value of "impact players" within successful and thriving organizations. Success is only possible when both sides are commitment to the working the process.

Contact Information:

Office: (770) 982-0043 x211
E-mail: judy.swanier@jnxpartners.com

Corey Gibson
Office Manager | IT Specialist & Recruiter

Corey Gibson is the Office Manager/IT Specialist at JNX Partners. With numerous years of professional experience as a Website Designer/Developer, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the efficiency, performance and presentation of JNX Partners. In addition to the on-going technical and administrative support to the Office, Corey is able to identify, access and match quality IT talent with viable job opportunities.

The quality and standards that Corey brings to JNX Partners, regarding customer service and a strong technical background, are the same qualities he looks for in the candidates he works with.  Working in the IT field, Corey knows that success is a process that one commits to everyday. He feels that every piece of the process, when executed correctly, ensures the greatest probability for repeat success. Corey states "When we, (JNX Partners), are efficient as a synergetic team, we are able to bring the highest quality of the 24-Step Search and Recruit Process to our Clients and Candidate".

Contact Information:

Office: 770.982.0043 x212
E-mail: corey.gibson@jnxpartners.com


JNX Partners Company Philosophy
"We believe a recruiter needs to have a focused understanding of the work required in bringing together the best solutions. The firms success relies heavily upon a partnership commitment
to high ethical standards. We believe that "win-win" is the only desired outcome of our relationships between both candidates (top talent) and clients (top companies.) We value people, respect their abilities and have passion about what we do."

Why hire JNX Partners?

The best candidates and the best companies understand that to produce consistent success you must have a process. At JNX Partner we have a 24-Step Search and Recruit Process that we bring to our Clients and Candidates. Creating the YES is not the most challenging of the hiring process; creating the RIGHT-YES, for the Client and Candidate is. This will produce the client and the candidate/employee relationship that will provide the most successful and beneficial long-term business results. At JNX Partners, we are committed to our 24-Step Search and Recruit Process. We thank you for taking a few moments to get to know us and we welcome the opportunity to work with you.